Foreign Trade Department


We lighten your load in foreign trade…

In addition to our customs clearance and logistics solutions, we act like a foreign trade (import & export) unit within your organization, and create a structure that offers solutions that meet your needs at every point of trade up and down. As Gunes Customs and Logistics Services, we aim to minimize all risks by stepping in at the very beginning, that is, at the order stage, in the processes we are responsible for starting from the delivery order notification, and to minimize the cost in local expenses by maximizing the pre-import preparation. We aim to reduce your burden professionally by undertaking all document traffic, international meetings, correspondence, transportation organization, etc.

Our Main Services:

– To determine of GTIP and to evaluate the other needs according to the import and foreign trade legislation of the products on the proforma invoice,
– To organize invoices and other documents according to the Turkish requirements and, if shared, the sales contract,
– To arrange international shipping and insurance at competitive costs.
– To manage the letter of credit processes and to make the negotiations between the bank and the exporter in the trade to be made if there is a bank in between, and especially if the Letter of Credit (LC) is selected. To issue the letter of credit according to the contract by negotiating with the parties and to monitor the process,
– To arrange the pre-import determination and procurement of the products subject to the permission, and to provide secured transportation organization in case of need,
– To monitor international shipping, and to reduce the costs of storage of products healthily by communicating with warehouse or temporary storage businesses,
– To take the previously made preparations to the import level for the start of the import process, in coordination with the import customer representative,
– And to deliver the products that have been completed at the customs to the importer’s warehouse and/or the final address in coordination with the transportation department within our organization.


Headquarter: Atatürk Mah. Ataşehir
Bulvarı No: 20 Gardenya Plaza 3
Kat: 14 Ataşehir/İSTANBUL