Approved Person Status


As Gunes Customs and Logistics Services, we help our customers who want to get Approved Person Status Certificate with our expert consultants having high experience in the General Directorate of Customs, and provide support throughout the process.

You can benefit from some of the conveniences and various privileges provided by the Approved Person Status Certificate and the Authorized Economic Operator Status if you are not a manufacturer / industrial company or if you are outside of some of the criteria determined for the Authorized Economic Operator Status, although you are a manufacturer / industrial company

The Approved Person Status Certificate empowers its holders with simplified procedures and practices, declaration with missing documents, facilitation regarding the type of declaration, benefiting from partial guarantee, lump sum collateral applications, issuing and visa A.TR circulation certificate within the scope of simplified transaction.

Moreover, it can also provide the holder companies with conveniences such as directly benefiting from daily current applications (for example, application of Communiqué Serial No: 16) or not being subject to permission in on-board transactions.


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